I really like icons, above all those simple, clear, immediate. Sometimes I find myself sketching down easy signs, lines, curves... not really icons but maybe.


I started drawing when I was very young, I always liked and enjoyed it. My favourite technique is watercolour even if i'm more comfortable with pens and pencils.


I've a deep passion for static-line jump, the Mountains, watercolour, drawing, CG, running, reading, History...and whatsoever can touch the strings of my heart!

technical drawing

What about tech drawing? My love started from one point in a white empty space and passed through the construction of the shadows of complex objects.

Aluminum Tripod
"Count'em all..."

Study of a tripod and all its pieces. This is an interesting work about shapes and materials, reflections and surfaces.

Comfortable Furniture
"Just woke up..."

Inspired by an advertising of a furniture, just to fix the warm mood, lights, colors.

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